To deliver the highest quality educational experience (regardless of social, economic, cultural, academic and religious backgrounds) where global citizens are born through advanced rigor, engaging teaching methods and a passionate and value based climate and culture.


To be the best school by demonstrating transformative methods, techniques ,value based education to instill in a child the feeling that he/she can hold their own anywhere and everywhere . To help children understand their true potential and know that each one of them is extraordinary!

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Making a Difference

For 38 years, surviving numerous setbacks – we have challenged, motivated, disciplined, and inspired these students, and we have grown to love them for their amazing gifts and unique abilities. We truly believe that we have future world leaders who are compassionate, kind, courageous, just, and fair – at our school, and we are honored to teach them each and every day.

Camellia school will

Be a school where value education is paramount and help the children realize that each one of them is extraordinary.

Foster an atmosphere where students, parents, staff, and community members work together to create a family environment for our learners.


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